Lets check out the Vertagear S-Line SL2000

Sun 23rd Jul 2017 - 11:28pm : Tech/Electronics : Other : Gaming

Last week, I complained about my poor desk posture and a sore back for the last time, after months of using a dining chair at my computer, I've finally raised the funds to buy my first gaming chair, and I couldn't be more excited. Let me introduce to you guys, the Vertagear SL2000.

Features at a Glance: 

  • Steel (frame), High-Density Foam, PVC Leather, Aluminum Alloy (base)
  • Max load of 150kg/330lbs
  • Adjustable seat height and back tilt with lock in 
  • Extra accessories available 


  • The design of the chair is aesthetically pleasing 
  • Incredibly comfortable 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Helps with posture

I have racked my brain for a while now trying to think of any issues I've had with this chair or even minor improvements I would make to it, and the only thing that I could come up with, is slightly(very) nit picky, but I got a (very) slight ping of annoyance when assembling the chair and it shows the arm rests can slide backwards and forwards, they can't. So my only real issue (which isn't very real) is that the assembly guide is clearly for an array of chairs (There are 3 in the S-Line) and I'm more annoyed at myself for even writing this as a con. 

I purchased my chair from PC Case Gear and only had the option of courier shipping so I got my chair within 2 days of purchase. When the courier delivered the chair I was surprised by how small the box was, and was hoping the chair wasn't made entirely of really small parts; not the case. The chair itself isn't actually huge and bulky and it took my partner and me about 5 minutes (after the 5 minutes of arguing who was reading the instructions) to assemble.

I've been sitting in this chair for approximately 8-12 hours a day since I got it, and I can very honestly say I feel great even when I get up. I no longer have this awkward stiff back and I honestly believe the chair has even improved my posture. The chair did include a head rest and lumbar support, and I had no idea of the importance of the features until using them.  

I recommend the Vertagear SL2000, and I recommend it very very highly. It's a convenient and comfortable chair that will get plenty of use and even attract envy from your friends. 

Have you guys used this product? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below and let me know :) is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:

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Sarah Odman

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