The Faze Vs Optic Game 1 Review

Mon 19th Dec 2016 - 10:34pm : Call of Duty

        I was watching the MLG Vegas Championship Losers matches the other day, specifically the Faze and Optic Gaming match. Both teams have had a great year, but the way Faze and Optic Gaming played the other day showed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. 

        Let's talk about Game 1 on the map Throwback. Right off the bat, Optic pushes to the first hardpoint, holds it for a good amount of time, then Faze takes out Optic Formal and starts capping the hardpoint, they hold it for a few seconds before they rotate to the next hardpoint. Optic starts off with holding the hardpoint until Faze ZooMaa knocks Optic Karma out of the hardpoint and starts holding it down for Faze. Faze ties up the game and tries holding it but Optic locks down the hardpoint which lets Optic Karma rotate to the next hardpoint. As the game goes on, both teams keep on evening the score until 3 minutes left in the game, Faze starts holding the hardpoint and takes a massive lead going 166 to 105. Optic then takes the new hardpoint location and holds it down but Faze steps in and takes over. Faze rotates and holds down the new location and gets a good lead over Optic going 209 to 159. Faze tries desperately to hold down the hardpoint for as long as they can until Optic pushes the hardpoint and tries the clutch. Scump wipes out 3 Faze members and gets all his streaks. Faze is 12 points away from winning the game, Scump calls in his streaks on the hardpoint and they start to cap it. Optic going 225 and Faze going 248. They try making the comeback but Faze pushes the hardpoint and wins those 2 points and finishes the first game with a win.


        Game 1 was an excellent game, I believe that was the best game they played. They both showed how a team should play, both teams also played with passion and they tried their very best to win the game, but in the end, Faze came out of that game with the win but Optic was getting close to beating Faze with the clutch but Faze got those two points to win the game.



Chevy Alonzo

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