Esports Landscape Might Change With Foundry IV

Wed 8th Nov 2017 - 7:32pm : Other : Gaming

Former WME-IMG Global Head of Esports Tobias Sherman announced the launch of Foundry IV, an “esports specific” video game development company. Sherman was the former Head of Esports at WME-IMG before leaving in July to pursue other opportunities.

“We at Foundry IV are creating competitive titles from the ground up with esports being the primary focus in every aspect,” Sherman said in the announcement. “Another key differentiator is that franchise owners will gain an equity stake in every game we develop and all revenue streams associated, whether it’s sales on PC, sponsor partnerships, media, or the league itself. This is a truly collective effort that provides owners the value they deserve, players gameplay they’ll love, and fans an exceptional viewing experience.”

The first sentence from Sherman gives insight into how Foundry IV will develop games differently from other developers. Traditionally, developers try to develop a great game and esports is an afterthought if the game gains popularity. Foundry IV will create games with esports being the central focus of how they develop the game.

The second statement is critical in that it changes the business side of esports. Esports leagues are run by the developers of the games in each league, which will be the same with Foundry IV; however, developers typically don’t share the revenue of these games with the teams in the league. This is a huge difference between Foundry IV and could entice more investors because the assumed risk is significantly less.

“Many traditional sports team owners purchased esports franchises and are now asking themselves, what did I actually purchase and how do I capitalize?” says Lilia Russo, Co-Founder of Foundry IV. “We help better define value and truly support traditional sports team ownership and investors as they become acclimated to an industry that is new to most of them.”

Foundry IV laid out its primary goals in its release.

  • Allowing professional sports organizations and investors to own not just the league franchise slots, but also the game and intellectual property.
  • Creating an “esports first” game from the outset, with input from existing pro-gamers, journalists, and industry professionals.
  • Giving access to fans far earlier than traditional publishers so the community can play a critical role in the development of the game.

This is big news for esports as Sherman crafted ELEAGUE and got it on the Turner Network. Sherman also convinced Turner to allow broadcast on Twitch, which increased viewership tremendously. He’s had a tremendous impact on the growth of esports and will surely have more of an influence with the launch of Foundry IV.

Foundry IV received a seed round investment from MGM Resorts International and will likely see investments from traditional sports teams.

Sherman teamed with Simon Abitbol and Lilia Russo to create Foundry IV. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:




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