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Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 8:26pm : Other : Gaming : CSGO : Announcements

Today, February 13th, a new gambling website set to release, named, with overall a great success until they got hacked by people who were able to accredit other users with more than 8 billion coins (+ $8,000,000). Hackers were able to use a leaked script that was copyrighted by CSGOpolygon, which allowed the exploiters to change the code for themselves allowing them to gain x200 or more upon a winning roll. A community of CSGO players has lost an estimated $3,000 or more according to sources. got in touch with one of the users that were able to receive such a coin count on the website to answer some questions about this instance. We got in touch with a YouTuber named ZDK who was given 8 billion coins.

"And also died on Monday the 13th of Feb. Rest in Peace"

You were one of the users that were accredited coins from another person on the website that, accordingly, has hacked the website to win out x200 of his or her bet upon winning a roll. Do you know why this 'hacker' has done what he has done and for what intention?

"He didn't hack anything he just saw there was an exploit in the script and pursued to make money off it, there was no hacking involved, just a simple script exploit. He did it probably because everybody is money hungry as a developer."

Were you aware that you would profit from the exploit since you know the person who used it to gain money through the website?

"Nah I had no clue, I just saw other YouTuber friends post the stuff about the site so I said hmm I'm gonna check it out, posted my code on twitter and he saw it, checked out the site and exploited it and sent everyone money, but there was also other people doing the same thing. In total, I think there were around 5 people exploiting."

How much did you personally gain from getting coins and being able to withdraw skins/items?

"Like 300 personally because I gave away 700 to my friends."

So what will happen to the skins you have now? Do you have to return them to the depositors from the website?

"Nope, it's not my issue since the site has failed to keep themselves secure, I am going to cash out. It's only 300 I have for myself anyway, gave my friends most."

Is there anything else you want to share?

"I guess they're completely done since both Twitter accounts were deleted. And it was a bad site anyway, I don't know why they would put $2,000 into a leaked script because for that money, you can have a site as good and secure as CSGOBIG. I also feel sorry for everyone that lost money on the website, developers should create sites a lot more secure in order to prevent such situations."

Because have deleted both their Twitter and have shut down their website we were not able to ask for their opinion. Lastly, we want to thank ZDK for having shared information about this event. Make sure to check him out on his social media. YouTube and Twitter.




Eric Altmann

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  • Mon 20th Feb 2017 - 1:41pm

    That sucks, it was exploited, seems bad, but good thing they are relaunching it 

  • Mon 13th Feb 2017 - 10:26pm

    Hacked in less than 30 minutes?! That's sad...downright hilarious, too. The biggest joke eSports has had for decades!

    RIP, but as ZDK puts it "developers should create sites a lot more secure in order to prevent such situations."

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