EULCS: When Winning Doesn't Matter, Having Fun Is Key

Mon 14th Aug 2017 - 11:35am : LOL

Recently in the EULCS the current third and fourth teams in both group A and group B decided to have their final matches against each other in the most glorious fashion. Knowing that their places were all locked in and no win or loss mattered anymore, the teams took to the rift in a way that nobody could have predicted. The players swapped roles with each other and picked off-meta champions purely for the enjoyment of their last time on the summer stage before playoffs began. 

Hjarnan top, Phaxi Mid, Pridestalker ADC, Besty Support and Wadid Jungle.

The first matchup, on Saturday 12th, was between Group A's ROCCAT and Misfits. It started with the first pick of Draven for ROCCAT and quickly fell into picks for Nunu, Heimerdinger, Lee Sin and Ekko and it quickly became apparent that Wadid, who usually plays support was taking the role of jungler this time. Misfits then drafted Orianna, Master Yi, Kalista, Kled and Kayle. Within the first minute of the game, a team fight broke out that ended in no kills but a flash. First blood fell to Draven in bot lane. The first tower went down to ROCCAT after just 5 minutes. The whole game was a hilarious change of pace from the usual EULCS fare. The players seemed to be having so much fun with no pressure to win anymore. ROCCAT eventually took game one. A fitting end to a game that featured dabbing, failed ultimates, last second recalling and DRAVEN!

Hans Sama/Betsy Top, Ignar/Phaxi jungle, Powerofevil/Hjarnan Mid, Alphari/Wadid ADC and Maxlore/Pridestalker Support.

The second game between the two had an equal amount of golden picks, including Yasuo, Malphite, Lux, Lee Sin and Lucian for Misfits to face Jarvan, Gragas, Karthus, Vayne and Nasus on the side of ROCCAT. All the players yet again switching roles and giving themselves a chance to unwind and play some of the silliest professional League of Legends to date. Highlights of the match include first blood on Yasuo, an unstoppable Nasus machine of death, a fun game to play by yourself of "Will Hjarnan ult?" and an interesting Baron fight that resulted in ROCCAT winning game 2. The teams shared hugs and smiles as the winning team took their pass and it seemed like a good time all around for the two. 

Both ROCCAT and Misfits played well over the split and it was refreshing to see the two of them get to play the game on their terms an have fun with it. On seeing these games, Group B's Splyce and Vitality did the same thing and brought out the crazy picks and role swapping which I will cover in another article.

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