SKT Break Losing Streak in LCK

Thu 27th Jul 2017 - 1:55pm : LOL

It's been an interesting two weeks for fans of League of Legends in Korea. 


After consecutive 2-0 losses to Samsung Galaxy, Longzhu Gaming, Afreeca Freecs and Jin Air Greenwings, SKT have finally broken their bad luck streak by pulling out a win against current last place LCK team Ever8 Winners. In an unprecedented string of losses, SKT seemed to be in a slump that would tarnish their previous unbreakable streak. Many presume that SKT might have been behind in the current patch of League of Legends and others think that the team may have just been having a run of bad luck that was bound to happen after years of successes. Whatever the reason, the losses seemed to be taking their toll on the team and after two weeks of losing games they finally pulled out a 2-1 win, which seemed to restore their positivity.

The team themselves had seemed to be stressed both on stream on Twitch and during LCK matches but the recent win seems to have picked up their spirits. In an after-match interview, Faker and Bang were asked about how they felt and they expressed happiness at winning and also Bang apologized for recent behavior on his stream where a fan goaded him into losing his temper over comparing his donations to that of Faker. He apologized during the interview, stating that he felt people were disappointed in him for it and promised to repay his fans with better gameplay.

It's not unfair to say there is a lot of expectation and stress on the team as they have the entire LoL world seeing them as THE team to beat to prove themselves and the occasional bad run of games is inevitable but could this win be the perk up they needed to get their train rolling again? Time will tell, at present, they sit in 4th place but the top 4 are very close together in wins and losses. The top teams are all fighting for their places and this season is a lot closer than previous in Korea, nonetheless, it seems like SKT might have been on a losing streak but teams still respect the abilities of the players and know not to take winning against them for granted.

SKT face off against the ROX Tigers, KT ROlster and BBQ Oliver's before the end of the Summer split. If they take a win against every team they have a very good chance of sticking in the top 3 teams in Korea. The games will be taking place on Friday 28th July, August 3rd and August 6th. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below: 



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