Gross Gore's Triumphant Return To Twitch.TV

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Gross Gore's Triumphant Return To Twitch.Tv

For the past few years, Gross Gore has been a popular name throughout the live-streaming community, streaming games such as Runescape and League of Legends he has made a huge impact on the live-streaming scene. Being a lifelong gamer it was only obvious to his thousands of fans that Gross Gore would eventually end up leaving his normal medium of content creation in YouTube videos and move on to greater things with live-streaming. With countless hours of streaming under his belt, Gross Gore managed to accumulate over 200,000 followers and over 13 million channel views on Twitch. This cemented him as one of the biggest streamers on, constantly pulling thousands of viewers with every single stream.

Sadly for Gross Gore, this dream of live streaming on the biggest platform available came to an end as just over a year ago he was given a permanent ban by Twitch. This ban came after Gross Gore got himself involved with some RIOT Games employees and made some highly controversial comments about them on his stream. This ban was said to be permanent as Twitch deemed Gross Gore's actions highly inappropriate and against the Twitch terms of service. Gross Gore's ban has been highly controversial with many people including other popular streamers saying he didn't deserve to be permanently banned for his actions.

Following this permanent ban from Twitch Gross Gore decided to stream on Hitbox and later start streaming directly from his YouTube channel that he had been maintaining for the past several years. With this huge change in streaming platform, Gross Gore's views dropped dramatically as the exposure he was getting from streaming on Twitch was far greater than what YouTube was providing him. Many thought that this would be the end of Gross Gore as the longer he was banned from Twitch the less he seemed to stream for his viewers.


Recently it was revealed that Gross Gore's channel had been unbanned and he announced that he would be returning to streaming on June 17. Leading up to his big return Gross Gore constantly hyped up his fans all across his social media platforms. Clearly, this hyping himself up worked as his first stream back maintained well over 10,000 viewers and was one of the most viewed streams on Twitch at the time. Gross Gore spent his very first stream back explaining to his viewers what had been going on during his absence from Twitch, what his plans were for the future, and thanking all his viewers and subscribers. Given his highly positive attitude upon his return, I think it is clear that Gross Gore is looking to take a positive approach towards the future and is very happy to be back streaming on Twitch. I wish good luck to Gross Gore and am happy to have him back streaming on is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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