Blazing Beavers Featured On NETCODEGUIDES?!?!

Mon 3rd Aug 2015 - 8:41pm : Important : General : Announcements

A long time ago we (Blazing Beavers) had a quick scrim against Back 2 Back. This team was fairly new, but so were we at this point. We had played them before and we knew we could execute our strats without any blockade. This time we played on inferno and we won. 

However, what just happened is pretty crazy. NETCODEGUIDES.COM make sometimes videos reviewing a player or a team on their youtube. They have 30.000 Subscribers and they just released a video reviewing the team Back 2 Back once we played them on Inferno. We are exited that we got pretty much featured in an indirect way on their YouTube Channel. Make sure you check the video right here.


Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

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