Why Paladins:Champions of the Realms is "Dying"

Fri 1st Dec 2017 - 4:17pm : Gaming : FPS

What is happing to our beloved Paladins? For those of us unfamiliar with this title, it is a free-to-play Hi-Rez Studio's first-person shooter type(similar to Overwatch, but was in beta first) that is in Beta still. It is available on multiple platforms such as PC, MAC, Steam, PS4 & XBOX, and it even inspired the 'Paladins Strike' mobile game that's currently in development.

As announced last week, Paladins is implementing an entirely new card system into their game for OB64. They are no longer using "essence" as a currency to purchase cards in the game, instead "essence" will be converted into gold at a 1 to 1 ratio. Furthermore, the only way to retain cards will be from purchasing radiant chests, as we know radiant chests are given when a player levels up or does quests and can be purchased with gold--the free in-game currency. You can even use "crystals" (which is bought with actual money at $5 per 200 crystals) to buy specific cards or legendaries, so how is this affecting the gameplay? Cards are essential to building a character effectively and molding them to fit your playstyle, certain cards even have the ability to let your character do 'x' amount of damage per ability. Well in the upcoming patch along with the elimination of essence there is also a new system in which cards will be "leveled" up. How do you level a card up? Cards "level" up (highest level seems to be 5 so far) and thus increase the effectiveness of said card. For example: Let's say that Pip has a card that lets him deal "20% more damage after using catalyst (explosive flask) for 2 seconds" well implementing the new card system if this card is levelled all the way up to 5, Pip will now be able to do "40-50% more damage per 6-8 seconds" once this card is maxed out. Considering that you can purchase crystals with money you can literally keep spending money until all of your cards are maxed out. Streamers have tested this patch and indeed you can purchase your way to an automatic level 5 card (the only way to level cards is by getting duplicates of the same card) if you shell out enough cash. This is essentially what people may call "pay to win" and paladins is now being compared to Battlefront 2.

Many players have already uninstalled Paladins and are even turning to Overwatch, Paladins' biggest competitor. The question that's in a lot of players' minds is, why is Hi-Rez suddenly doing this? Are they in need of more money or are they just trying to find ways to bring Paladins out of beta and can't figure out how to balance their game? All we can do now is wait and see how they will "fix" this new implication or how they're going to make Paladins better for their fans out there. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:
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