First Game of the Season (CSGO NA)

Fri 11th Sep 2015 - 3:06am : Gaming

Yesterday we had our first game against Get Seoul on de_inferno. With our new lineup we managed to beat Get Seoul with 16-6 making a huge first game of the season for the beavers. SpamTheSpoon got 26 kills making him the MVP of the game. Eventhough his huge performance we saw Screentv getting clutch rounds with beautiful headshots. On the T Side Spoutnikelele brought many strats that we had practiced to the table making us win most of the T-sided rounds. From ericaltm we didn't see quite much due to mouse issues, including F3L that likes to take the aggresive awp shots early game didn't show up this match. We will see in the future if he will.


Wish us luck on the next games and stay tuned for further announcements!



-Manager of Blazing Beavers

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

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