CSGO.Lounge Predictions #1

Mon 11th Apr 2016 - 11:07pm : CSGO

Luminosity Gaming vs. Tyloo

A great matchup from a recent legendary team, having risen from Brazil against a fairly unknown Chinese team. Tyloo has been the best CS:GO team for many that play the game in the continent of Asia. However, since CS:GO is much bigger and well known in Europe and America, and even Australia, some people might not know Tyloo. Since a major needs qualifications from all continents, Tyloo tends to be always the team from the Asian region. Now, since their CS:GO scene hasn't developed like the other regions, I give the win easily to Luminosity Gaming. We can clearly see from CSGO Lounge that LG already has the favor, counting +83%.


Things to look out for:

1. There isn't insane amount of research on Tyloo.

2. It is a best of 1.


This affects my own prediction to be a 75%/25% for Luminosity Gaming.


My prediction is to bet high. Keep in mind this is a easy/medium match up.  



Godsent vs. Na'Vi

Another great matchup. Godsent's lineup includes 'Pronax', former Fnatic player when they were on their peak. Pauf and Twist, being also well known players for the common betters, might bring some impact into this game. With a major difficulty to bring Na'Vi player 'Guardian' into the Dreamhack Malmö, the team decided to bring 'Starix' into the lineup for this tournament. I don't fear that this will cause any issues within the team, since 'Starix' is always in the ingame chat when Na'Vi play their games. He will have an outstanding awareness about the strategies and tactics used within the team. On CSGO Lounge we see a favor for Na'Vi with ~80%, which I completely agree with.


Things to look out for:

1. It is a best of 1


This affects my own prediction to reamin at a 80%/20% for Na'Vi.


My prediction is to bet low/medium. Keep in mind this is a medium match up.

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

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