Fnatic CSGO: -Olofmeister -dennis +Lekro +Golden

Tue 8th Aug 2017 - 7:28pm : CSGO : Announcements

As it seems according to sources, the legendary team FNATIC will be undergoing roster changes in the coming days. We will see the trio of Krimz/JW/Flusha stick to the organization whereas Olofmeister and Dennis will step out. 

The iconic duo had previously stayed with the organization and are now most likely to split up into different teams, however, this is not completely certain. There has been speculation that Olofmeister will be joining FaZe Clan, replacing Kio, together with the entrance of Guardian. Nonetheless, time will tell if there will be another player departing from FaZe to make room for Dennis or he will join another team that is not FaZe. 

In exchange, we will see two new players from different teams joining the FNATIC organization. It has been introduced that Lekro, a current player for GODSENT, will replace Dennis, and most likely that Dennis takes Lekro's position into the line-up. Lekro had been in the lineup previously together with twist, however now it will not seem like twist will be joining Lekro in the roster change. Secondly, Golden, a team member from the Fnatic Academy, will bring new light to the FNATIC roster with tactics and new play styles. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

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