ELEAGUE Season 2 | Grand Final

Sun 4th Dec 2016 - 5:56pm : CSGO

Here are the overall results for each maps and the winners:


Winner: Astralis

Winner: OpTic

Winner: OpTic

This game became a shock for many CSGO fans out there, with their money and minds on Astralis winning.

Astralis' entrance into the league saw them on the rise, with the Astralis team competing high level online it gave CSGO fans a team worthy of winning ELEAGUE Season 2 due to their improvement and recovery from their slump within the last months. Astralis' first win on Train seemed promising winning 16:9, winning the first couple of rounds on T side of train and winning the first map. Also especially in the 22nd round whereby Astralis had wiped out OpTic in a matter of seconds on A bombsite. However, the tide turned on Astralis when OpTic won Cobblestone and Overpass. The entrance of OpTic into ELEAGUE Season 2, who appeared to be struggling lately online in matches, being viewed as underdogs too - they became one of the first underdogs to have won a major on such a big scale. Beaten on the first map of Train, OpTic successfully won on Cobblestone - dominating Astralis in the first 7 rounds proving a strong team - on the 14th round where tarik pulled off a 1v3 was so amazing  that you could hear the audience cheering. On the third and final map Overpass, OpTic managed to pull a win again - with Astralis playing B a lot, OpTic was successful in taking over control of B site as the Terrorists, having a clear advantage being able to get into B in a matter of seconds, but Astralis was able to put on a great fight for the first half; Xyp9x's wonderful 1v3 clutch on A bombsite on the 12th round showed the world, how well he is able to perform.




OpTic being able to win over a top tier team proved successful and shocking to many - as seeing them struggle before ELEAGUE gave many CSGO fans, the idea that they would never win this league, also due to them being a fairly new team, many people had their doubts even people like Duncan 'Thorin' Shields thought Astralis would win but with their phenomenal teamwork they won. Astralis' struggle for a Major win seems to be coming to an end, normally being defeated in the semi finals or quarter finals at Majors which can bee seen in : (, coming in 5-8th place both in ELEAGUE season 1and ESL One: Cologne 2016. But now because they have reached a final at a major, they are now coming closer to ever winning, whereas before they weren't able to.

Congratulations to OpTic for winning and hopefully we can see more amazing performance from the team, also see them improve even more. From now on fans will expect OpTic to attend more high tier leagues and win more, maybe we will see them win another title. There is no doubt that Astralis will win a Major one day, as long as they work and practise hard - they have been working towards for a long time now and they deserve it.





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