Call Of Duty: World War II, what's the hype all about?

Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 3:22am : Call of Duty

 Everyone is talking about the newly released COD game, and people are curious as to what others' reactions/experiences are so far.


I asked a set of random twitch streamers from all parts of the world what they liked about the game so far. This is what they had to say:

@JVCKK replied: "This is one of the best CODs in a long time. It's very basic--in a good way. Maps are great, you don't feel rushed in multiplayer online mode and the pre-game lobby looks awesome. Also, no jetpacks or jumping around."

@Mufusqwad replied: "I like that there are no jetpacks, the old school play is very appealing, as well as the WW2 concept. The authentic feeling of the weapons' appearances are nice as well."

@Purrrteen(soAr Mew) replied: "I can't really point out anything specific so far that I like that stands out. It's just like any other COD game to me and I'm having fun."

@BishIsHere replied: "I like the game overall. The WW2 lore and that the classes earn extra perks especially."

@StormFox23 replied:"I like the headquarters, supply drop contracts, gun selection and character customizations. And of course NO JETPACKS."

@ps2FatBoy replied: "I thought the campaign story was enjoyable, I felt immersed. The modifiers were cool. The hub had a nice Destiny like vibe to it. Zombies seem pretty solid so far since it feels more intense, horror like and not repetitive like it was in the previous COD titles. I also liked the boots on the ground concept with no jetpacks."

@DomiTsunami314 replied:"I like that there are no jetpacks and jumping around. The customizations are pretty nice and so is the weapon selection."

@Chadlantis replied:"So far it seems better than some of the past COD games. The campaign was pretty dope. The game seems interesting and solid."


I asked the same streamers what they disliked about the game so far and this is what they had to say:

@JVCKK replied: "I didn't like that there is no aim assist."

@Mufusqwad replied: "I actually don't dislike a whole lot of things so far, except for server issues."

@Purrrteen(soAr Mew)replied: "Well I've been playing for hours and my hands hurt, haha."

@BishIsHere replied: "I don't like the server issues. I also think that the shotgun is overpowered. I also think that the sprint is too short."

@StormFox23 replied: "I don't like that the servers are having issues as well as all of the application errors and menu glitches."

@ps2FatBoy replied: "I don't like the server issues and I also don't like that the COD series doesn't have dedicated servers."

@DomiTsunami replied: "I dislike certain maps such as Gustav Cannon and of course the server issues."

@Chadlantis replied: "Story was meh, I also don't like the desync issues, and the technical issues with the servers and so on. The game is way too fast-paced."

It seems as though players thus far are actually satisfied with the new COD game, both fans new and old to the franchise. They all seem satisfied that the boots-on-ground concept has returned and dissatisfied with the server ever and technical issues of the game. It appears as though the series' return to the basic shooter concept has really worked it for it this time, so if you're thinking about picking up a copy, make sure you have some buddies to join in on the fun with. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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