Rivals of Aether Character, Console and Ori Release Revealed

Sat 19th Aug 2017 - 4:06am : Announcements

Rivals of Aether, a 2D platform fighter heavily inspired by the Super Smash Bros franchise released on Steam back in March. The game was well-received (with our review found here), but Xbox users have been waiting patiently for a console release date. When creator Dan Fornace announced that Ori would be coming to the game and a summer release window for consoles, fans could hardly contain themselves. The fact that not only could console players join in on the fun, but new characters would be joining the roster as DLC. Last weekend at Super Smash Con, Fornace announced not only a new character to join the roster but a release date for both Ori and the Xbox One release.

First, the creators announced Ranno, the Poisonous Pacifist. Ranno was described as a Frog who absorbs poison from lakes to purify them and uses the poison in fights. Looking at the release trailer and his move set, I would best describe him as a combination of Greninja (overall style and movement), Sheik (the majority of his standard and aerial moves), and Bayonetta (possible special moves). Ranno seems to have a spike based on the footage. Compared to other characters, Ranno seems to be on the slower end of the spectrum, but the ability to use poison moves to extend his combo will aid him well. Ranno also seems to have a lackluster recovery, with low horizontal movement. The recovery, however, does seem as if Ranno can do some sort of suicide dive like Sheik or Sonic’s down air, but that is hard to tell from the footage. The main attraction, in my eyes, is his ability to trap opponents much like Bayonetta’s Witch Time. The opponent is trapped in a poisonous bubble, unable to defend themselves, in which Ranno can rack up damage. How long the opponent stays in the bubble depends on how much damage Ranno has racked up with poison-specific moves, which is shown above the character. Down smash looks to be one of his viable killing options. He also looks to have some way to escape pressure like Corrin’s side-b. That was what I could tell from the video. I feel that Ranno could have serious potential in today’s meta. No release date was announced, although I have heard rumors that they are aiming for an October release window.

The same cannot be said for Ori and the Xbox One release, however. Despite difficulties with programming Ori as DLC and even failing Microsoft’s certification test, the Xbox One release of Rivals of Aether will be officially released on August 23rd. Ori and Sein, the first DLC character announced, will release on Xbox One and Steam on the same day. Bringing Xbox users up-to-date with PC players, the full release will come with the same features released back in March. Xbox players will have access to Story and Abyss Mode, new leaderboards for single player and co-op, new unlockables through an implemented currency system, new music, a new ranked season, achievements, and player icons for online and single play. If you purchased Rivals of Aether while the game was in Game Preview, then the upgrade to the full version will be free. Otherwise, Rivals of Aether is available for purchase at $14.99, with Ori and Sein available for $4.99. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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