10 Tips for Streaming on Console

Tue 14th Nov 2017 - 5:15pm : Tech/Electronics

Streaming has been something that over the last years has helped produce amazing gaming content and entertainment for viewers of all sort. From casual IRL streams to intense esports tournaments, streaming delivers it all to you. If you're like most hardcore gamers out there, you want to play what you love and share it with the world. Unfortunately streaming on console is a lot tougher than streaming on PC for many reasons, so here are 10 tips on how to improve or begin streaming!

10 Tips for Console Streamers

1. Internet: It is a necessity to have fast, or at least decent DLS/UPLS/PING. Yes, this may seem like it doesn't matter if you're playing a single player game, but think again. Internet speed affects the overall quality of your stream. You don't want to be on your PS4/XBOX/NINTENDO and have it cut off or lag every couple of seconds because this will obviously turn away potential viewers and make you look unprofessional.

2. Microphone: There are many of us gamers out there who are shy and may not want to use your voice on your stream, but having a mic definitely draws the attention of viewers and gives your stream a good polish. It even makes your stream seem 'easy-going' as you can interact with your viewers and keep them entertained. As far as a mic goes technology wise, test it out on people in a party before using it on your stream. This will help you learn how to properly adjust the volume and see if the mic works well.

3. Camera/Webcam: Similar to the mic situation, a camera is not necessary but definitely scrapes in the viewers. As long as you're comfortable with showing yourself to your audience you'd be surprised at how many people will watch your stream just because you own a camera. The PS4/XBOX both sell cameras that can be used to stream directly from your console.

4. Games: A lot of streamers wonder what games they should stream. Obviously streaming newly released games will bring in the viewers, however you should use one thing to your advantage and that is: console only games. Streaming console only games not only cuts out the factor of competing with PC streamers but also your viewers will tend to not ridicule the quality of your stream.

5. Communities: Completely optional, yet joining a gaming community can be extremely helpful. Joining a community on your consoles itself actually lets you announce to other that you are streaming and gives you the option to invite them. The best communities to join are the ones available on the streaming websites themselves which lets you support each other and even reach goals faster.

6. Capture cards: Capture cards sure can be pricey, however if you have the budget and are completely serious about streaming then go for it. Do some research on which capture card works best for your console and your computer because capture cards allows you to access all the perks that PC players have over console players. You can finally have stream alerts and set up activities on your stream for your viewers to interact with and not to mention it boosts the quality of your stream itself. In addition it gives you the advantage of playing from all sorts of platforms and devices.

7. Emotes (for the sites that provide emotes): This is important for all streamers, console or not. Once you unlock the ability to upload an emote, whether its a free emote(s) or emote(s) for your subscribers, it is important that you at least upload one emote. No one can escape our newly emoji obsessed world and even if the emote you upload is just a really bad picture of your face or a random animal, be sure you have something provided for viewers to interact with.

8. Friends (for multiplayer): Now some people may not think this important and have a lone wolf mentality, but playing games while partied up with other people brings a lot of activity to your stream. It not only keeps you talking constantly, but it opens up room for some viewers who could potentially want to join you and share some jokes. Just be careful who you party up with as some of your viewers can find them "toxic" and they may offend others.

9. Console variety: Yes, some of us can only afford one console, but for those of us who can afford multiple consoles go for it. If you are committed and interested in exploring multiple platforms this not only attracts all types of viewers, but shows others that you are willing to put some quality and effort into your streams. It benefits you greatly as ensuring that you wouldn't get too bored or "burnt out" on just one type of style.

10. Social skills: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! How would you feel if you went into someone's stream and they were constantly yelling and saying offensive things? These types of things can easily get you reported and give you a bad reputation so be sure that you at least try to be warm and friendly to your viewers while being culturally sensitive. Some people may just watch you just for your personality and that is a VERY good thing when it comes to streaming.


Following these tips will not guarantee anything 100%, but they will certainly help guide those who are new to the streaming experience or those interested in starting to stream on console themselves. Good luck on your potential future in gaming and be sure to share this article with anyone you think this will help! is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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