Should Blizzard Balance around the Double Support Meta?

Mon 20th Nov 2017 - 2:35am : Other

It is no secret that Heroes of the Storm is firmly situated in a double support, double tank, singe carry meta right now. As for whether or not this is a good thing, I’ll leave that up to you. However you feel; the double healer meta isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, but should Blizzard double down in this direction?

This all started when Blizz made the decision to add armor to the game. Armor reduces 1% of incoming damage per 1 armor. While on paper this doesn’t seem like a very big deal, it was actually a massive game breaking decision by Blizz to add in this system, and here’s why.

In any other MOBA title, there are very few healer characters, this is for good reason because when you have things like armor or magic resist a character’s HP becomes more effective. For example,

  • If a character has 100 HP, but no armor or magic resist, then when they take 70 damage, they will be left with 30 HP.
  • However, when a character does have armor or magic resist, say 30 armor in Heroes of the Storm. They will be left with 60 HP even though they were hit with 70 damage.

Where do healers come into all of this, you ask? Well, healers give back HP.

  • In a system where there is no armor, healing is a direct trade; 100 HP for 100 healing.
  • However, when there is armor, healing becomes more valuable in direct ratio with how much armor the person you are healing posses. Say the target has 30 armor, they will receive 130 effective HP for 100 healing.

What this all boils down to, is that when Blizz added armor into the game, they made healers significantly more important without having to change them at all.

In fact, the amount of pure Hit Points a team must get through in a single team fight against a double healer composition is so high and takes so long, that there are only a few characters in the game who are actually capable of doing said damage. Valla, Greymane, Lunara, Tracer, and Zul’Jin sound familiar? They should, they were some of the most picked damage characters at the World Championships at BlizzCon 2017, both in and against a double healer, double tank compositions.

To put this simply, Blizzard has walked right into a pitfall that every other MOBA game avoided from the start. Despite the fact that several preceding people had already put many danger and warning signs around the pit themselves. The question remains, however, should they simply continue down this road? Or, should they find a way of fixing their problem?

You see, there are a ton of DPS characters in Heroes of the Storm, but most of them never get played simply because they don’t put out damage at the same level as the other DPS characters. Cassia, Tychus, Raynor, Falstad, all of these characters are sitting in a “broken” bin off to the side, purely because of the state of the game. So, my question really becomes this; Should Blizzard cave to the beast they have created (the double healer, double tank meta) and buff the rest of their damage roster around this fact? Or should they nerf all of their tanks and healers down to a level where more varied compositions and picks become more viable?

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