How to Get Free Bitcoin?

Sun 5th Nov 2017 - 2:45pm : Other

Currently, it is looking like a lot of people are becoming interested in Bitcoin due to its recent spike upwards, reaching from $630 to $7650 in one year. Now, many people are wondering how to get Bitcoin.

Of course, you can mine for Bitcoin, but working alone to mine them is not as prevalent as before where you could mine 100 bitcoins in a day. Building Hashrate through a website, like, you can participate in a large pool that mines for a certain price. Also, there are mining pools from individuals creating one large workforce, which always seems to be the better result as everyone gets their fair share. However, these systems might take a while before you start seeing real profits, and in some instances, you might even lose money from mining bitcoins. Therefore you might search for alternatives. 

An easy method to earn free bitcoin while you are behind your computer is the use of faucets. Such as, where you can get free bitcoin every 60 minutes. Using multiple of similar sites can earn you around $300-500 in bitcoin a month, which would be definitely a great start for your bitcoin empire. If you haven't started yet, I truly suggest you do as it is completely for free! is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below: 

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

Eric Altmann

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