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Sun 1st Oct 2017 - 10:24pm : Other : Gaming

If I may quickly start off by thanking my lovely readers for their patience, I went to see some family and old friends last week, hence no post. 

Moving on! The Sims 4! I've been playing The Sims since I was a little kid and unashamedly own every game and expansion, I love it. The Sims 4, just felt very different for me and I'd love to share it with you guys. There's a lot to dissect here, gameplay, features and the cost (depending on where you live this will change), I will try to keep this from getting too long. 

Let's start off with my biggest in-game irk, the camera settings. I don't know if I just happen to be completely technologically inept or my rage is completely acceptable. Every The Sims game has had edge scrolling, and The Sims 4 has it as well, but it feels like the movement is very rigid. From my experience playing you can only pan the camera, up, down, left and right, which isn't too big of a deal except it's not streamlined and sometimes you just want/need to move the camera in a diagonal direction. I know it seems like a very small issue, but it really does ruin the game for me a little bit because of how clunky it feels. 

What I do need to give credit to EA on is the create a sim feature they implemented in The Sims 4. It feels very neat and very modern. There is so much variety in terms of hair and clothing and plenty of color options with them as well. The Sims also look better, and more clear(?). The graphics and details of the sims are just overall better, tattoos can have to detail to them now and I have to admit the tattoo's look pretty sick. 

My biggest issue with The Sims 4 and maybe just EA overall is the way the game was released, and its expansions. The Sims 4 is $70 in Australia, which really isn't the worst for a game over here, but they released what was compared to previous The Sims games, an incomplete game (this has since been patched and most features from previous games are now implemented). That was quite annoying for and to be honest for a good chunk of time, The Sims 4 got no love from me and I was just still playing The Sims 3. 

Since 2014 EA has released 4 expansions for The Sims 4, and they all feel half-hearted. The latest to be released, City Living didn't have the same wow effect it's The Sims 3 counterpart had. EA also releases game packs, which add some experiences that were just in a previous base game (spa day), but then others that had previously come in expansions before (vampires), and Stuff packs. Stuff packs annoy me the most, they give minimal aesthetic features to the game and tend to be very specific for an age category in the game. 

The cost is the last thing I need to cover. Above I mentioned that The Sims 4 costs $70 brand new in Australia, and it really isn't the worst priced game; most start at about $100. Where the cost of The Sims 4 really starts to hit is when you want expansions, just 1 expansion pack is $50, and they add minimal gameplay experience. The Game packs are $30 and the stuff packs are $15. This feels like a game where EA has chased money more than anything else. To get the full The Sims 4 experience you're looking at $600 (at the time this is published).

All in all, I'm pretty disappointed and underwhelmed by the game, but I'm interested to know your thoughts, let me know in the comments, did you love it or hate it? What improvements would you like? is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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