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Mon 31st Jul 2017 - 12:40am : Other : Gaming

A couple of days ago our friends in Starbreeze studio dropped a new Dead by Daylight DLC - Lullaby for the Dark, for us. This DLC, includes a new killer (The huntress), a new map (Red Forest) and a new survivor (David King). Now let's jump right in and see what to expect from all this new stuff. 

The Huntress was originally a little girl called Anna who lived in a cabin in the woods with her mother. One day whilst out hunting there was an accident and Anna was left alone. She managed to survive herself and as she grew, she mastered hunting wild animals, including bears, but soon found her favorite prey was humans. The only person safe from her ax? Little girls, whom the Huntress will keep in her cabin tied up; however, they all eventually die from cold, starvation or sickness.

A new feature is The Huntress has a lullaby that she will continuously humm, you hear it from 45-20m away, and once within the 20m radius, you go back to the heartbeat.  This may not sound like a big deal but after having listened to that song for such a long time, you actually start to hum it yourself, or imagine hearing it and freak yourself out. 

The Huntress can also through axes at you, and from quite a distance as well. Unlike the trapper where he only has a certain number spawn, the Huntress holds 5 charges of axes she can throw and she can refill her axes at any locker, as many times as she wants. She has infinite throwing axes, infinite... 

While she is definitely a scary killer, she gives a lot of notice when coming near you and I feel she is a lot easier to track, compared to other killers. All in all, she's scary to verse but so much fun to play and I definitely recommend giving her a try. 

This DLC also gave us a new map called Red Forest, Mothers Dwelling. Now from what I understand with Anna's lore, this map is the forest that she lives in, and the cabin is her mother's cabin. 

The last part of the DLC introduced David King, an English footballer with a temper. As a survivor, there are better ones to play, in my opinion. His perks seem to be aimed at taking damage for your teammates and getting up in the killer's face. I've played as and with him a few times, and taking into consideration EVERYONE is playing the new killer, at the moment he isn't that great, but once people settle down and diversify their killer pools again, I'll have to give him another shot and see how he goes. 


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