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Okay so I’m going to start off by saying that I know I’m late to the party with Until Dawn having come out in 2015, but with the horror title being one of July’s free games for PlayStation Plus members I’ve finally been able to sink my teeth into it and decide the fate of the unsuspecting group of friends.

So what is Until Dawn about? Well, the game takes place a year after the tragic “disappearance” of twin sisters Hannah and Beth Washington, who disappeared when they were having a party weekend at their family lodge with their group of friends. A year later their brother Josh gathers the same group of friends back together so they can honor his sisters by having a good time like they used to.

Poor Hannah and Beth

And they’re bound to have a good time with no weird setbacks or anything, aren’t they? No, not a chance in hell, this is a horror game after all.

It all starts off great for them, the friends make their way up to the lodge with little to no issues, occasional bickering aside although that does depend on the actions you choose. And that’s a pretty large part of the game, it’s all based on the choices you make and how you choose to play, you could make it to the end with everyone alive and well or maybe no one will survive, it’s up to you to decide.

When you get to the lodge weird things start happening almost straight away, from candles going on by themselves to having a séance, characters feeling like they’re being watched and even then the good old “splitting up” horror movie trope comes into play. Seriously you’d think people would be smarter.

Amongst all the scares though, which end up being just elaborate scares created by Josh to get revenge on his friends for pulling a horrible prank on one of his sisters just before they both disappeared, is some actual danger and a deeper storyline.

 Ouija board or pass the parcel?  

It turns out that on this mountain, that Washington’s own and seriously who owns a mountain? There are some darks secrets, including an abandoned sanatorium and the fact that a group of thirty miners was trapped in the mines on the mountain. The biggest secret the mountains hold though is a curse. The curse says that, and remember that this isn’t a direct quote, that if anyone results in eating each other they will turn into Wendigo.

With all sorts of things to find and research throughout the game, it’s a really interesting play, plus the decision-making system makes you want to replay if you end up making the wrong, in your own mind, decision.

Wendigo. When did ya go? 

So, in my opinion, this game is 100% worth at least a play through and to make that an even sweeter proposal Until Dawn is free this month for PlayStation Plus members, as stated before, so I say grab yourself a few spare hours and dive into your own horror film adventure.

I do suggest brushing up on your quick time event skills for this game or you will get exceedingly frustrated. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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