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Whenever something new and Pokémon related is released there’s some form of hype and as a self-confessed Pokémon fan, I like to get amongst it and enjoy myself. The latest release to this effect is the mobile game Magikarp Jump!

What’s the premise of Magikarp Jump? I hear you ask, well it’s like this. You train Magikarp, to jump. That is the entire premise of the game, I know it doesn’t sound exciting seeing as Magikarp is widely known as one of the weakest, most useless Pokémon with no real point other than its inevitable evolution into Gyarados, but trust me it’s enjoyable.

So first off, what is the game like? Well, to call it a game is to say it loosely, there is very little that could really be considered gameplay.

Does that make it any less enjoyable? No.

What you do is you fish up a Magikarp from Roddy Tackle’s Magikarp pond, in case it wasn’t obvious he’s a fisherman, and once you have yours it’s transferred into your own pond where you’ll feed it up and get it ready to jump. In fact, the most interactive gameplay aspect is the feeding, different types of berries as seen in the main Pokémon games will appear in your pond for your Magikarp to eat which will increase its jump power or JP for short.

This isn’t the only way to gain JP though, you can have up to three training points which you can use to train, as if that part wasn’t self-explanatory, your Magikarp by hitting punch bags, moving rock type Pokémon or blowing up balloons, to name a few. These events can be waited through or if you tap the screen along with them they’ll pass faster, the points do take time to return though so you’ll have a half an hour wait for each point.

There are also random events which can be triggered after training or a League stage which will give you JP, coins or restore one of your training points.

Being a mobile game there are in-game transactions, of course, there are it’s to be expected at this point, but do you need them to get along? Not at all. The two types of currency are coins and diamonds both of which you can gain lots of easily without spending any of your hard-earned real life cash. Diamonds can be bought though if you want and coins can be bought with those diamonds.

Coins are used for buying new berries and training techniques once they’ve been unlocked and upgrading the ones you already have helping you to gain more JP. Diamonds are used to gain items to restore things like training points, decorations that’ll boost certain aspects such as gaining coins or the amount JP you can collect. One of the best things you can spend diamonds on though are friendship items, these will get you other Pokémon who will show up on the patch of ground above your pond, each of which has an ability that’ll help you out. The Pokémon’s abilities have differing cooldown times but while you’re waiting for your training points to come back you won’t mind the cooldown wait.

Some of you are probably thinking, damn this sounds good but isn’t it boring having the same plain old Magikarp all the time?

Well, you don’t! Every time you rank up your trainer it increases the highest level you can train your Magikarp to and what happens when your Magikarp gets to its max level? It retires and you fish up a new one. Sounds a bit heartless right? Well, your old friend will still be there as all of your retired Magikarp appear swimming along in the background of your pond.

Still want some variety? There are different patterns of Magikarp to collect, some of which look great, in my own opinion, including a shiny golden Magikarp.

Have I grabbed your attention with shiny golden Magikarp? I’m glad!

While all of the above is pretty good and the game is certainly a fun little mobile adventure I have to say that my favorite part is naming the Magikarp. You have the option to name every one of your fish friends and coming up with new pun names is half of the game for me starting with the obvious ones like Magikarpet and Mariokarp.

Yes, you may use those.

So I say give it a go, it won’t take up too much of your time, you’ll have fun and you’ll make new friends in the form Po-Koi-Den god of the sea and Seto Koi-ba.

Yes, you may use those too. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



Siobhan Clark

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