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Sat 16th Sep 2017 - 10:29pm : LOL : Gaming

The League ranked season generally ends not too long after Worlds, and given that Worlds is about to kick off, our season will soon come to a close. I'm a big procrastinator and finished my placements, then forgot about ranked for the whole year. Now I have to make the scramble from silver to gold because I want that victorious skin, and who wants a silver border anyway.   

This leaves me in a grind for weekends and we all know how League can become very toxic very quickly and now you're stuck in a, 'I need to play ranked but I'd rather die than keep playing'. You're tilted, you hate the game you love to play and need to find a way to keep trooping.  Here are my tips on how to untilt and keep the ranked dream alive. 

  • Play some ARAM.Now, this is my usual go to because I take ARAMs with a grain of salt. They're a great place to learn how to engage, learn champs and just have some fun. Of course, there are the people who take ARAM very seriously but they're pretty minimal. 
  • Play with friends. This is the most effective for me because my friends are monkeys and laughter is a hell of a cure. Sometimes just playing normals and being able to have a fun time is all you need to get back in your groove. 
  • Let your teammates know. None of us are mind readers and while most players can empathize with your tilt, they don't want it to cost them the game either. Maybe you've been out jungled or just had a really bad lane phase, these things happen but you can still come back. Sometimes you just need to AFK farm and your team knows that. Communication is key with games like League and this is no exception. Sometimes you will just get really toxic teams and that sucks and this method won't be great for you. 
  • Heres the obvious one; take a break. Sometimes the tilt is too real and there is no cure, other than time. It could be an hour or a day, but sometimes you need to be away from the game and (get ready for the cheese) come back stronger. 
  • Last but not least, and my personal favorite; make a cup of tea. If you follow my twitter or Instagram, you know I am an avid tea drinker and live by the mantra, Tea is good for the soul. Nothing quite calms me down like a nice warm beverage. Maybe you're a coffee person or like something a little stronger in your system, but just taking 5 minutes to make something you know you're going to enjoy can lift your mood.  

How do you guys try to untilt from League? Let me know in the comments down below :) is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:




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