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Sun 9th Jul 2017 - 1:12am : LOL : Gaming

Rift Rivals Purple has come to a finish and boy oh boy was it a wild ride of emotions. We watched OCE, Japan and Southeast Asia battle for region supremacy and fans were not left disappointed. Let's jump in and see what went down in Vietnam. 

Day one took off with OPL's number one seed, Dire Wolves versing GPL's number one, Gigabyte Marines in what was a very dominant 30 minutes by the Marines, finishing on a solid 16-6 kill ratio. It was a pretty dismal start for both GPL and the OPL, finishing the day with only 1 win each, but a great start for Japan who managed to win 3 out of their 4 games. We got to see the Marines pull out and have a fantastic game on the Kalista and OCE's Legacy treated us to the duo of all bot lanes, Xayah and Rakan. 

Day 2 went great for the LJL and OPL winning both their games and very unfortunately for the GPL, losing all 4 games they played. This would see Japan finish the group stage in first with 5 points, OPL in second place with 3 points and the GPL in third place with 1 point. 


Day 3, in my humble opinion, was the best day for League of Legends you could watch. The OPL and GPL went head to head in a King of the rift format with each region's third seed starting the battle. The OPL's own meme team Sin Gaming defeated both the 3rd and 2nd seed teams for the GPL (neither team actually picked a game the entire tournament) and then for the absolute dominating reverse region sweep, the Gigabyte Marines made the comeback of all comebacks to beat every team the OPL had to throw at them. The OPL was put on their back and knocked out, and the Gigabyte Marines (very literally) carried the GPL into the finals! 

Finals day saw Japan vs Southeast Asia in a seed vs seed format and Japans third and second seed dominated the GPL. The last hope for Southeast Asia, The Marines were able to take one game off Japan forcing the tiebreaker games but just couldn't do it again and we have our Purple Rift Rival winners - Japans LJL! 


Not to take away from Japans victory but I really need to touch on the Marines here; we watched these guys put on a great show at this years MSI and they have honestly improved so much. These guys are so in control of everything they do and I honestly expect to see them again at this year's worlds and I honestly cannot wait. This young team will take the world by storm - quote me on this is as well - Sarah 2k17.

I know the there were more exciting Rift Rivals to watch (Blue and Red) but seriously check all these teams out. This year's worlds is going to be the most exciting yet, especially with all the wildcard regions seriously stepping up their game!

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