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Horror games are quite entertaining to watch, and even more entertaining to play--if you're into the spooky stuff of course. Dead by daylight and Friday the 13th have become to extremely popular and loved multiplayer online games that fall into this horror genre. Here is a side by side comparison of the two games.


Dead by daylight was released on PC, XBOX & PS4 both digitally and on disc for consoles. It was released in June of 2017, for $40 USD. Here are some quick facts/notes about DBD and its content:

1. Maps: This game contains several different maps, each pertaining to the killers/survivors and their lore. New maps get released with DLC as well, very dark and bring a great eerie feel to the game.

2. Weapons: No weapons other than those available for some character's perks that stun the killer.

3. Killers: Wide variety of killers such as The Huntress, Micheal Myers, and Freddy Kruger.

4. Survivors: Wide variety of survivors, each pertaining to the killers, with their own unique powers and perks.

5. Upgrades/Leveling: It is possible to level both your killers and survivors and make them better by purchasing perks with the "blood' you earn from playing matches.

6. DLC: Though it may be pricey to some, it often goes on sale, in addition to skins/glamour, DLC contains one killer, one survivor and one new map, which is worth it if you are into the horror lore.

7. Players: Finding matches aren't that hard, but players do troll you by not "readying up" and of course mild in-game trolling between the killers and players. Co-op is definitely a necessity as it is extremely hard, if not impossible to "break free" once hooked by a killer unless a teammate comes and rescues you.

8. Interactables/Gameplay: As a survivor, you can interact with a few objects such as generators, totems, setting traps and using your abilities, whereas a killer you can various abilities.

9. Music: Great music that changes depending on the map and killer as everything comes with its own sound effects.

10. Controls: You can pick between being a killer and being a survivor. This game actually lets you pick which survivor you want to be.

11. Killing/Escaping: As the killer you can only kill survivors by "hooking" them, whereas being a survivor you cannot kill/defeat the killer & you can only "win" by escaping after setting up generators and opening exits(unless you are the last survivor, in which you can also escape using the trap door.)

12. Website: This game has an official website where you can review patch notes, stay updated and learn more about the game.


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Friday the 13th was released on 05/26/2017 for $60 USD but was not available on disc for until October 13th, 2017. Here are a few facts/notes about F13 and its content:

1. Maps: There is only one map available for this game, but it is a huge map with a lot of places to sneak and hide.

2. Weapons: A wide variety of weapons available such as guns that can be found anywhere on the map and used against Jason.

3. Killers: Unfortunately, Jason is the only killer available in the game thus far, but this doesn't mean that he isn't fun to play considering how many ways you can attack the counselors.

4. Counselors: There is a wide variety of counselors available for you to face Jason with, some if not all of them pertaining to the lore of Friday the 13th. When counselors get scared they scream and change their facial expressions which players find extremely humorous and enjoyable.

5. Upgrades/Leveling: This game lets you level up as you play, but you cannot upgrade any of your characters.

6. DLC: DLC only includes glamour/outfits for your characters.

7. Players: For some reason, the players in this game tend to be immature. They will purposely annoy you on the mic by singing and "trolling" as well as becoming a liability in terms of surviving and beating Jason. Co-op certainly helps out but isn't completely necessary for surviving/winning.

8. Interactables/Gameplay: A ton of interactables are spread all over the map including multiple weapons and tools needed to escape as well as every door and window. It can definitely be a scary game, but it usually ends up being quite funny and entertaining to play.

9. Music: The music in this game is definitely spooky, but due to lack of variety it can become repetitive.

10. Controls: You can play as either a counselor or Jason, but it does not let you choose which counselor you get, so if you have favorites just hope that RNG is on your side.

11. Killing/Escaping: There are multiple ways to both escape and win for survivors and for Jason. As Jason, of course, your goal is to kill all the counselors and there are multiple ways for them to die including props or a good old beatdown with multiple "MK-like fatalities." Playing as the counselor you can escape by getting the car started or by finding the sweater and essentially killing Jason.

12. Website: This game has an official website where it lets you check out all the latest news on the game, learn more about the game and even report bugs. 


Choosing between one of these games is certainly a hard decision. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to purchase both games whereas others have to put a lot of thought into which one of these to get. Ultimately everyone has their own tastes, so whether you're a hardcore horror fan or you just want a spooky game to play with some of your friends either one of these games is definitely worth grabbing. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:




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