Hearthstone VS Hand Of The Gods

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One can say that both of these games are profoundly similar, so let's break down these similarities in a side by side comparison--shall we? The first topic to start with of course would be:

GAMEPLAY: As most, or even all card games go, RNG is the highest factor in one's success. What card are you going to top deck? Will this card give me an early advantage over my opponent? What will my opponent get that can possibly completely obliterate my deck/board? This is the general mentality of card gamers. In both HOTG & Hearthstone, you pick a "leader" and build a deck for this leader. When starting a match in both games you are immediately faced with the option to replace or keep any or all of 4 random cards from your deck. The cards from these games share similar stats with each other in terms of using "mana" and "damage and health". After the replacement, you can choose to "greet" your opponent in both games. The goals of both games are to win by getting your opponent's health to 0, or if they run out of moves/cards. There are also cards that have similar stats and effects on both games.

LORE: Interestingly enough both of these games receive their lores from a previously made game in both companies. Hearthstone's lore comes from Blizzard's infamous MMORPG World Of Warcraft whereas Hand of the God's lore derives from Hi-Rez Studio's MOBA Smite. The "leaders" that one can choose for their decks are characters from these games such as Zeus from Smite & Warlock from WoW.

AUDIENCE: Yes, yes, there is no surprise that both of these games attract similar audiences, whether they are viewers or gamers themselves. The rising popularity of competitive card games in Esports and the popularity of these games on twitch gets both of these games a lot of attention. Not to mention you don't need to be familiar with the lore to understand how both games work, someone who watches hearthstone can easily watch HOTG so, don't be surprised if you see an HOTG player watching/playing Hearthstone and vice versa.                          

PRICE: HS & HOTG are both free-to-play online card games and are highly recommended. They both contain optional microtransactions to buy card packs, etc. Remember, it's never too late to get into any of these games and give them a


GRAPHICS/VISUAL APPEAL: The layouts may be similar in these games, however, there are clear differences in their visual appeal. HS has an almost flat layout, placing cards on the front of the battle area, and generally, it takes up less screen space. The colors are bright and if honesty is a factor, maybe a little outdated--however this is not a bad thing considering how old WoW is. When looking at HOTG, however, the board looks far more appealing, your cards "come to life" so to speak and the animations effects are rather appealing. Not to mention seeing your leader on a pedestal definitely makes you feel like you're fighting to defend your territory.

POPULARITY: Due to rising popularity amongst card games, both of these games are truly popular, however, HS has been around longer and has developed much more popularity. It is almost always at the top of viewers list on twitch, more people are familiar with it and have heard about it and more people play it. Having a set of emotes on the main twitch emote section definitely, speaks for itself.

ESPORTS: The competitive scene for card games have gone up throughout the years. Going along with the last bullet point, however, HS has a bigger and more indulgent competitive scene. One can even go as a far as saying that the competitive scene for HS is better than HOTG due to having more teams and being more organized.

OPPORTUNITY: Are you looking to stream, or even get into the competitive scene for any of these games? Doing this is always a challenge, however HOTG is currently in beta still and is welcoming any kind of attention it can get--that being said it is easy to get ahold of the staff, and not to mention the myriad amount chances for getting free cards and packs you can get from watching HOTG on twitch.                                            

PLATFORM: Sorry Blizzard fans, but HOTG wins here. Currently available free on steam, PC, PlayStation 4, and XBOX. Hi-Rez Studios have always ensured that their games reach as many platforms as possible, both on console and computers.tongue-out

Who is to say that either of these games is better than the other? Everyone has their own preferences and style, so whether you are a Blizzard fan, a Hi-Rez fan, both or neither, trying out both of these free-to-play games is a necessity. Competitive card games can help improve your logic/thinking skills as well as your patience. is completely funded by its readers. Support us by checking out our sponsor below:



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