No ambient sounds in csgo with 1 command?

Tue 9th May 2017 - 3:49pm : Gaming : FPS : CSGO

Recently I found a video on adreN's youtube channel. He made a video about an OP sound command that can be used in CS:GO. This command is really strong if you want to focus on certain things like footsteps. In adreN's video, he talks about what the command can do.

The command will remove all ambient sounds in the area you are currently in. as an example we take overpass. When the train passes you won't be able to hear anything. But if you bind this command to an easy to press a key and you press it when you hear the train the sound will go away. But sadly it isn't that easy. Every time a new sound is generated. That could be from a teammate or enemy player moving. Or just by going into another area with other sounds. 

The command also has another downside. Enemy footsteps are also seen as ambient sounds. So if you press the key the command is bound to. The enemy's footsteps will disappear. That means you will not be able to hear the footsteps from the enemy and you will have a slight disadvantage. But the next time the enemy walks again a new sound will be generated and you will be able to hear that again

The command is "snd_playersounds Music.StopAllExceptMusic"

You are not able to get banned on CS:GO from it since it is a legit console command and you do not need sv_cheats 1. You can use it in official matchmaking games and even in ESEA games.

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Erik-Jan Klok

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