The Future of Esports

Sun 27th Nov 2016 - 8:02am : Gaming

When we think of esports we think about three things: Competition, Skill and Dedication.

As a young kid I was always interested in gaming but the event which had furthered my interests into esports was the first ever COD World Championships. At the time I was excited as ever to see the top team competing with the likes of Fariko Impact, OpTic and EnVyUs. I was intrigued by the fact that they were able to win money by playing games. I had become so fascinated with the concept of esports and ever since, I have dedicated myself to find out more  about esports, watching competitive Counter Strike I found that there was a strong sense of community within the esports scene, thousands of people coming together to watch a tournament really with little or no hostility against the rivalry shocked me as previous sports I'd been exposed to a lot of conflict between both sides of fans.

Esports is starting to become a entertainment industry giant, growing in viewership more than ever, it has been known that esports has surpassed the viewership of sports such as football and baseball shown in statistics in 2015 there were 147 million occasional viewers (once a month) - (, Sports clubs have known to sign their own esports teams or independent players like West Ham United who signed Sean 'Dragonn' Allan after winning the 2016 FIFA Interactive World Cup, becoming the first ever Sports club in the UK to become associated with esports, showing how the world is starting to become aware of esports as even well known clubs like West Ham Utd, Paris Saint-Germain, and Besiktas have their own teams and players  - revealing that sports clubs know that this a good investment to expand into other areas other than football, basketball etc.

Esports is one of the most competitive sports ever, with prize pools at an all time high - 71 million dollars in prize winnings through 2015 (, you can see that these teams are awarded generously for their efforts and for spending thousands of in-game hours trying to improve their game, their dedication is enough to show the world how much they deserve to win and within a couple of years there will be more rising stars and talented players that will come in due course, with the development of the esports industry.

There are many gamers who see esports as a way of life, they earn a living by playing games - streaming on twitch, having referral codes on various websites like Kinguin, G2A which they earn money off everytime someone purchases an item with their referral code and making YouTube videos, and so on. Many pro players earn a living by mainly winning tournaments which they receive winning prizes for which is mainly monetary and streaming on twitch or referral codes and sponsorship from gaming brands such as HyperX, Razer, or Steelseries. Twitch has become the main host for many esports streams, they stream tournaments and games - players and twitch streamers are able to also earn money from donations throughout the duration of their streams.

The concept of esports was started from little internet cafes, where people would pay money just to play games like Counter Strike: Source, it started off from the social concept where people would come together to have mini LANs and as time progressed clans consisted of friends and they played against the rival school clan or online clans then official organisations started to form the way into a real career into esports - instead of paying regional teams, esports team started to attend international tournaments and that's where we are now.



The main people to whom esports seems to appeal to are middle-class males mainly, although there are many female esports teams and players, they do not get as much exposure as much as male teams do but I as more females become involved within esports the more there will be a shift in appeal and we might see more prominent female figures within esports as time progresses.

The esports industry continues to grow and is expanding more than ever with live broadcasting of esports on TV expresses the demand for esports now and there will be more demand as esports will be kept alive by the countless number of talented and skilled players who compete within these games, and that person might be even you.

With the fast development of the esports industry there is no limit of what can be achieved and hopefully you, I and all of us will be a part of this wonderful development.




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