• Esports Landscape Might Change With Foundry IV 1

    Esports Landscape Might…

    Former WME-IMG Global Head of Esports Tobias Sherman announced the launch of Foundry IV, an “esports specific” video game development company.

    Wed 8th Nov 2017 - 7:32pmRead More
  • Call Of Duty: World War II, what's the hype all about? 0

    Call Of Duty: World War…

    This is a short blog consisting of several interviews with gamers, new and old to the COD franchise giving their first impressions of the game so far.

    Sat 4th Nov 2017 - 3:22amRead More
  • LoL Worlds 2017: Who's Your Money On? 0

    LoL Worlds 2017: Who's…

    With Worlds 2017 just around the corner, teams from all over the globe will be competing for the top spot, looking to take the crown from reigning champions SKT Telecom T1. With talent rising up each split, proving themselves…

    Wed 6th Sep 2017 - 1:07pmRead More
  • Smash Opinions: The First Non-God to Defeat Armada? 3

    Smash Opinions: The First…

    Who could dethrone the Swedish God of Smash?

    Sun 3rd Sep 2017 - 2:29amRead More
  • Rivals of Aether Tier List 2

    Rivals of Aether Tier…

    Who's the best and worst in Dan Fornace's fighting game.

    Sun 27th Aug 2017 - 2:30amRead More

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